Routing Wires

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Edition Date: June 2013

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LabVIEW automatically finds a route for a wire as you wire it. LabVIEW routes a wire around existing objects on the block diagram, such as loops and structures. LabVIEW also routes a wire to decrease the number of bends in the wire. When possible, automatically routed wires from control terminals exit the right side of the terminal, and automatically routed wires to indicator terminals enter the left side of the terminal.

To automatically route an existing wire, right-click the wire and select Clean Up Wire from the shortcut menu.

Note  You also can reroute all existing wires and rearrange all existing objects on the block diagram automatically.

Complete the following steps to temporarily disable automatic wire routing and route a wire manually.

  1. Use the Wiring tool to click a terminal and release the mouse.
  2. Press the <A> key. LabVIEW temporarily disables automatic wire routing for the current wire.
  3. (Optional) Click the mouse button to set the wire and then move the cursor in a new direction. Press the spacebar to switch the wire direction between horizontal and vertical.
  4. Click another terminal to wire the objects and end the wire. LabVIEW enables automatic wire routing again.

You also can temporarily disable automatic routing after you click to start or set a wire by holding down the mouse button while you wire to another terminal or set point and then releasing the mouse button. After you release the mouse button, LabVIEW enables automatic wire routing again.

You can disable automatic wire routing for all new wires by setting the appropriate block diagram option.


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