Searching for Controls, VIs, and Functions on the Palettes

LabVIEW 2013 Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Click the Search button on the palette toolbar to perform text-based searches for any control, VI, or function on the Controls and Functions palettes.

Note Note  (Windows) You also can search in LabVIEW for a control, VI, or function.

Complete the following steps to search the palettes by using the Search button on the palette toolbar.

  1. Click the Search button on the Controls or Functions palette toolbar to display the Search Palettes dialog box.

    LabVIEW searches all the palettes and displays the controls, VIs, and functions on two different pages. On the Controls palette, LabVIEW displays the controls by default. On the Functions palette, LabVIEW displays the VIs and functions by default. You can toggle between pages to view all the search results.
  2. Type the name of the object you want to search in the text box. LabVIEW searches as you type and displays any matches in the list. LabVIEW displays a folder glyph to the left of subpalettes in the list and displays a light blue glyph to the left of Express VIs in the list.

    If two or more search results have the same name and are located on different subpalettes, LabVIEW displays the name of the palette that contains the object in brackets to the right of the object name. For example, if you search for While Loop, the search results include While Loop <<Execution Control>> and While Loop <<Structures>>.
  3. In the list of search results that appears, you can perform the following actions:
    • Click a search result and drag it to the front panel window or block diagram window to place the object.
    • Click a search result to select it. Information about the object appears in the Context Help window.
    • Double-click a search result to highlight its location on the palette. In the Icons and Icons and Text formats, you can click the Up to Owning Palette button on the palette toolbar and hold the mouse button down to display a shortcut menu that lists each subpalette in the path to the current subpalette. Select a subpalette name in the shortcut menu to navigate to the subpalette.
Note Note  You also can use the Quick Drop dialog box to specify an object by name and add the object to the block diagram or front panel.

To exit the Search Palettes dialog box and return to the palette, click the Return button. The next time you click the Search button, the text box contains the last string you entered in the text box, which is useful if you double-click a search result and you want to return to the search results.


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