Setting the Number of Items You Can Select in Listboxes and Tree Controls at Run Time

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Complete the following steps to specify how many items you can select in a listbox or tree control at run time.

  1. In the front panel window, right-click the listbox or tree control.
  2. Select Selection Mode from the shortcut menu and select from the following options:
    • 0 or 1 Item—The behavior is the same as for 1 Item, except that you can deselect the current item, leaving no items selected. You can move items in the listbox by dragging them with the cursor.
    • 1 Item—(Default) One item in the listbox or tree control always is selected (highlighted). When you click a different item, the new item is selected (highlighted), and the previous item is deselected.
    • 0 or More Items—You can select multiple items.
    • 1 or More Items—You can select multiple items, but at least one item must be selected.

You also can use the Selection Mode property to set the number of items you can select in a listbox or tree control programmatically.

In tree controls, you also can limit the selection of multiple items to siblings.

Right-click a listbox or tree control and select Selection Mode»Highlight Entire Row from the shortcut menu to highlight the entire row when you select an item.


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