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Edition Date: June 2013

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The front panel of most instrument driver VIs includes a VISA resource name control and a VISA resource name out indicator. These controls and indicators pass session information between instrument driver subVIs. The VISA resource name identifies the resource on which the VI operates. It also differentiates between different sessions of the instrument driver.

VISA resource name is a unique identifier reference to a device I/O session. It identifies the device with which the VI communicates and passes all necessary configuration information required to perform the I/O.

VISA resource name out contains the same identifier information as VISA resource name. It passes the reference out of the VI and into other subsequent VIs that access the same instrument. Wiring VISA resource names together establishes data dependencies.

You select the VISA resource name in the Initialize VI from the VISA resource name pull-down menu. Instruments that are powered on and connected to your computer are visible in the VISA resource name pull-down menu. If the instrument does not appear in this list, enter the instrument descriptor using the following format:

   Interface Type[board index]::Address::INSTR.
   Examples resource names:
   GPIB: GPIB::22::INSTR, GPIB board 0, primary address 22
   Serial: COM1
   TCP/IP Instr: TCPIP::
   TCP/IP Socket: TCPIP::

(Windows) Use MAX to determine the available resources and instrument addresses and set aliases.


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