LabVIEW Class:Create Method

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371361K-01

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Short Name: LVClass.Create

Requires: Base Development System

Class: Application Methods

To Use: Create a method.

Creates a new LabVIEW class.


Data typeNameRequiredDescription
Create Default PaletteNoSpecifies whether you want to set a default palette for all VIs the LabVIEW class owns. The default is FALSE, which does not set a default palette.
nameNoSpecifies the name of the LabVIEW class. If you do not wire the name input, a dialog box appears at run time prompting the user to name the new class.


The following table lists the characteristics of this method.

Data type
Available in Run-Time EngineNo
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemNo
Remote access allowedYes


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