Fitting on a Sphere VI

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Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 371361P-01

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Owning Palette: Fitting VIs

Requires: Full Development System

Determines the best spherical fit on a cloud of points in 3D.

Details  Example

X is the x coordinates of the points of the cloud.
Y is the y coordinates of the points of the cloud.
Z is the z coordinates of the points of the cloud.
x0, y0, z0 are the calculated midpoints of the given cloud.
r is the calculated radius of the given cloud.
error returns any error or warning condition from the VI. Most error situations result from discrepancies between the sizes of X, Y, and Z. You can wire error to the Error Cluster From Error Code VI to convert the error code or warning into an error cluster.

Fitting on a Sphere Details

The min-functional is based on an uncommon idea: find x0, y0, z0, and r with

This leads to a simple linear equation in x0, y0, z0 where (xi, yi, zi) are the given points, (x0, y0, z0) is the unknown midpoint, and r is the unknown radius.


Refer to the Sphere Fit VI in the labview\examples\Mathematics\Fitting directory for an example of using the Fitting on a Sphere VI.


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