LLB Manager Window

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Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 371361P-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Select Tools»LLB Manager to display this window. (Windows) You also can double-click a .llb file in Windows Explorer to display this window.

Use this window to copy, rename, and delete files in LLBs. You also can use this window to create new LLBs and directories and convert LLBs to and from directories. You can right-click an item in the Files list to launch a shortcut menu where you can open, cut, copy, delete, or rename that item. You also can use this shortcut menu to move files to and from the top level of the LLB.

Caution  You cannot undo changes you make using the LLB Manager window.

To add a file to an LLB, select File»Save to save the file in a new or existing LLB.

This window includes the following components:

  • Back—Shows the previous directory.
  • Up—Moves up one directory level.
  • Create New Directory—Prompts you to create a new directory.
  • Create New LLB—Prompts you to create a new LLB.
  • Cut—Moves the selected file(s) to the clipboard.
  • Copy—Copies the selected file(s) to the clipboard.
  • Paste—Moves the file(s) from the clipboard to the current directory or LLB. This button is dimmed unless there is content on the clipboard.
  • Delete—Permanently deletes the selected file from the LLB.
  • Convert Directories and LLBs—Launches the Directories to Convert dialog box. This button is dimmed until you click a directory in the Files list.
  • Open New LLB Manager—Launches a new LLB Manager window. You can copy, paste, and drag files between multiple windows.
  • Directory—Displays the full path of the current directory or LLB.
  • Files—Displays a list of files in the current directory or LLB.


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