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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Right-click a wire and select Custom Probe»New from the shortcut menu to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to create a custom probe. Refer to the caveats and recommendations before you begin creating custom probes. After selecting a type of probe to create, click the Next button to configure the other components and save the probe.

This dialog box includes the following components.

  • Select a Type of Probe to Create—Includes the following options:
    • Create a probe from an existing probe—Creates a probe based on an existing probe. Existing probes can be the probes LabVIEW supplies or other probes you created using the Create New Probe dialog box.
    • Create a new probe—Creates a new probe based on the data type of the wire you right-clicked.
  • Select an Existing Probe—Includes the following components:
    • Select the existing probe from which you want to create a new probe—Lists the supplied probes that LabVIEW includes and other probes you created using the Create New Probe dialog box.
    • Probe description—Describes the probe. You can edit the descriptions of the custom probes you create.
  • Save the New Probe—Includes the following components:
    • Filename—Specifies the filename of the probe you are creating. This name appears at the top of the probe and in the shortcut menu when you right-click a wire and select Custom Probe. This name must have the .vi extension.
    • Window title and shortcut menu name—Specifies the title of the custom probe. This name typically does not have the .vi extension. This name appears in the shortcut menu when you right-click a wire and select Custom Probe and in the title bar of the probe. You must remove the checkmark from the Same as filename checkbox to enable this text box.
    • Same as filename—Remove the checkmark from this checkbox to specify a window title and shortcut menu name for the custom probe.
    • Directory to save the probe—By default, LabVIEW saves custom probes in the Default Data\Probes directory. Although you can save probes in any directory, do not save probes as existing files in the vi.lib\_probes directory because LabVIEW overwrites the existing files when you uninstall or reinstall. If you want to use probes other users created, make sure those probes are located in the user.lib\_probes or the Default Data\Probes directories.


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