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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: Base Development System

Right-click a tree control and select Edit Items from the shortcut menu to display this dialog box.

When you add an item in the tree control, LabVIEW creates a unique tag for the item. You use this tag to modify items or to gather information about items programmatically. Use this dialog box to modify the unique tags that LabVIEW creates for each item you enter in a tree control. You cannot use this dialog box to edit the text in each item.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Tree—Displays an example of the tree control. You can drag items within this tree control to rearrange the items.
  • Tag—Unique tag you use to modify the item or to gather information about the item programmatically. The default tag is the text in the first cell that contains text, starting from the left. If you edit the text in an item, LabVIEW updates the tag. If an existing tag already uses that string, LabVIEW appends a number to the string to create a unique tag for the item.

    You cannot create a tag that begins with TREE_. All tags that begin with TREE_ are reserved for use by LabVIEW. If the tag you enter begins with TREE_, LabVIEW prepends an underscore (_) to create a valid tag for the item. If the tag you enter begins or ends with white space, LabVIEW removes the white space.

    If the tag you enter is not valid or is not unique, LabVIEW highlights the tag in red.

    You also can use the Set Tag method to modify the tag programmatically.
  • Child-Only?—Configures the item so you cannot indent other items under it. If you drag another item under a child-only item, LabVIEW places the item at the same hierarchical level as the child-only item. This checkbox is not available if you select an item that has other items indented under it.

    You also can use the Child-Only? property to configure an item as child-only programmatically.
  • Disable?—Disables the item so you cannot select it at run time. You also can use the Disabled? property to disable an item programmatically.


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