Passing Data through Frames of a Stacked Sequence Structure

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Use a sequence local terminal to pass data from one frame to any subsequent frame in a Stacked Sequence structure.

Note  Stacked Sequence structures do not start to execute until all data wired to the structure arrives. The data wired from each frame leaves only when all the frames complete execution.

Complete the following steps to pass data through the frames of a Stacked Sequence structure by adding a sequence local terminal.

  1. Move to the frame from which you want to pass data to a subsequent frame.
  2. Right-click the right structure border and select Add Sequence Local from the shortcut menu.
  3. Wire the data you want to pass to the sequence local terminal. An outward-pointing arrow appears in the terminal.
  4. In subsequent frames, wire the sequence local terminal to any terminals where you want to pass the data from the previous frame. The terminals in subsequent frames contain an inward-pointing arrow, indicating that the terminal is a data source for that frame.
Note  You cannot use the sequence local terminal in frames that precede the first frame where you wired the sequence local terminal.

To remove a sequence local terminal, right-click the sequence local terminal and select Remove from the shortcut menu.


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