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Edition Date: March 2018
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LabVIEW creates an application instance for each target in a LabVIEW project. When you open a VI from the Project Explorer window, the VI opens in the application instance for the target. LabVIEW also creates a main application instance, which contains open VIs that are not part of a project and VIs that you did not open from a project. You can select the application instance for a VI by using the application instance shortcut menu.

Complete the following steps to select an application instance for a VI.

  1. Navigate to the bottom left corner of the front panel window or block diagram. The application instance selection shortcut menu displays the current application instance of the VI.
  2. Right-click the shortcut menu and select the instance in which to run the VI. The VI now runs in the selected application instance.

You also can use the Application:Default:Application property to return the default application reference programmatically. Use the Application property to open the target application instance programmatically.


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