Configuring the Data Type of Script Node Terminals

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can configure the data type of MATLAB script node terminals. (MathScript RT Module) You also can configure the data type of MathScript Node output terminals.

LabVIEW recognizes many of the data types available in MathScript and the MATLAB® software, although the names of the data types might be different.

MATLAB Script Nodes

The MATLAB language syntax is a loosely-typed script language that does not determine the data type of a variable until after the script runs. Therefore, LabVIEW cannot determine the type of a variable in edit mode. LabVIEW queries the script server to find out possible data types. You can select the LabVIEW data type for each terminal.

Note  If you do not correctly configure a variable data type, LabVIEW might produce an error, return incorrect information at run time, or both.

Complete the following steps to change the data type of an input or output terminal on a MATLAB script node.

  1. Right-click the terminal of the input or output and select Choose Data Type from the shortcut menu. A list of the available data types appears.
  2. Select the data type you want to use.


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