Configuring Browse Options of Path Controls

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can display a browse button for path controls by right-clicking the path control and selecting Visible Items»Browse Button from the shortcut menu to place a checkmark next to it. You also can use the Browse Button:Visible property to display the browse button programmatically.

Complete the following steps to customize the settings of the file dialog that appears when you click the Browse button of the file path control, such as which types of paths you can select, a start path, a pattern to match, and so on.

  1. Right-click a path control and select Browse Options from the shortcut menu to display the Browse Options page of the Path Properties dialog box.
  2. Select the appropriate option in the Selection Mode section. The options in this section are similar to the Selection Mode options in the configuration dialog box of the File Dialog Express VI.
Note  To select an LLB or packed library using a path control, you can remove the checkmark from the Allow selection of files in LLBs and packed project libraries checkbox and select the LLB or packed library from the file dialog box. You also can place a checkmark in the Allow selection of files in LLBs and packed project libraries checkbox, select the Files or Folders option button, choose an LLB or packed library from the file dialog box, and select the second folder icon from the file list in the second file dialog box that appears.
  1. Click the OK button.
Tip  To list multiple file types in a file dialog box using the File Dialog Express VI or Open/Create/Replace File function, wire a string constant or control to the pattern terminal and use semicolons to separate the patterns, for example fx*.bin;*.c.


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