Creating Strictly Typed Refnums

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can specify the data type of any refnum control, including an application, a VI, a control or indicator, or a strictly typed VI. Strictly typed VI refnums have data type information that includes the connector pane of the VI. You can use strictly typed VI refnums to call a dynamically loaded VI using the Call By Reference node or the Start Asynchronous Call node.

Complete the following steps to specify the type of a strictly typed VI refnum control.

  1. Right-click the refnum control.
  2. Select Select VI Server Class»Browse from the shortcut menu to select a VI from disk that has the connector pane you want.

You also can drag a VI icon, connector pane, or a subVI icon from a block diagram or the VI Hierarchy window to a VI refnum control.


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