Creating Control Reference SubVIs from Property Nodes and Invoke Nodes

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Complete the following steps to create a subVI that includes a control reference directly from a Property Node or Invoke Node.

  1. Right-click the front panel object or its block diagram terminal for which you want a control reference subVI, select Create»Property Node or Create»Invoke Node, and select a property or method from the shortcut menu to create a Property Node or Invoke Node implicitly linked to the object.
  2. Use the Positioning tool to select the new Property Node or Invoke Node and select Edit»Create SubVI. LabVIEW creates a control reference to the control on the block diagram of the main VI, creates a subVI that contains a control refnum wired to a Property Node or Invoke Node, and wires the control reference on the main VI to the control refnum input terminal of the new subVI.
Note  Select several Property Nodes or Invoke Nodes at once to create a subVI with multiple control refnums and Property Nodes or Invoke Nodes.
  1. Double-click the subVI to open it. Modify the Property Node or Invoke Node and other elements of the subVI as you do in any other VI.


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