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Complete the following steps to create a new LLB.

  1. Select File»Save or Save As from the block diagram or front panel of a VI to display a file dialog box.

    (macOS) If you use native file dialog boxes, click the Use LLBs button in the file dialog box.
Note  You can create a new LLB with a VI you already saved by selecting Tools»LLB Manager from the block diagram or front panel to display the LLB Manager window.
  1. Click the New LLB button to display the New LLB dialog box.
  2. Enter the name of the new LLB and click the Create button.
  3. In the file dialog box that appears, enter the name of the VI to save it in the new LLB. LabVIEW automatically adds a .llb extension to the name of the LLB.
  4. Click the OK button.

You also can set the destination for the source distribution to output to an LLB on the Destinations page of the Source Distribution Properties dialog box.

You also can save VIs in existing LLBs.


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