Controlling an Application or Front Panel Remotely Using a Browser or LabVIEW

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Complete the following steps to control an application or front panel remotely using a Web browser or LabVIEW.

Note  The application or VI you want to view must be in memory on the server computer.
  1. View an application or front panel remotely in a browser or in LabVIEW.
  2. Click the bottom of the remote front panel window or right-click the front panel anywhere and select Request Control of VI from the shortcut menu. If no other client is currently in control, you have control of the front panel. If another client is currently controlling the VI, the server queues the request until the other client relinquishes control or until the control time limit times out. Only the user at the server computer can monitor the queue list.

To completely close the connection to the Web Server running on the server computer, click the close glyph on the browser window or LabVIEW window border. However, if you want to release control of the front panel but maintain a connection so you can view the front panel, right-click the front panel in any open space and select Release Control of VI from the shortcut menu or right-click a front panel object, such as a graph, and select Remote Panel Client»Release Control of VI from the shortcut menu.

Note  If you want to save the data generated by a VI running on a remote computer, use DataSocket or TCP instead of remote front panels.

You also can use the Application methods to release and request control of a remote front panel programmatically.


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