Parallel Iterations: Improving For Loop Execution Speed

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can improve the execution speed of a For Loop by enabling parallel iterations. LabVIEW normally partitions For Loop iterations into chunks and executes them sequentially. When you enable parallel iterations on a For Loop, LabVIEW executes chunks simultaneously, improving the execution speed of computationally intensive For Loops.

Complete the following steps to execute For Loop iterations in parallel:

  1. Enable parallel For Loop iterations.
  2. Verify that the For Loop can run with parallel iterations.
  3. If necessary, programmatically configure parallel For Loop iterations.

Review the performance considerations to ensure that a For Loop will benefit from parallelization.


Refer to the Parallel For Loop Reduction VI in the labview\examples\Structures\Parallel For Loop directory for an example of using a For Loop with parallel iterations.


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