Adding Objects inside Structures

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Add an object inside a structure by dragging it inside the structure or by building the structure around the object. You cannot put an object inside a structure by moving the structure over the object.

Complete the following steps to practice adding objects inside a structure.

  1. Add the Case Structure to the block diagram.

  2. Add the Tick Count (ms) function inside the structure.

  3. Move the Tick Count (ms) function close to the border of the structure. Notice that when you add or move an object in a structure near the structure border, the structure resizes to add space for that object after you add the object to the block diagram. To disable the automatic resizing behavior for a structure, right-click the structure border and select Auto Grow from the shortcut menu to remove the checkmark.
  4. Move the Tick Count (ms) function outside the structure.
  5. Add another structure around the Tick Count (ms) function.
  6. Select the second structure and delete it. Notice that you also deleted the function inside the structure.
Note  You can remove a structure without deleting the objects in the structure.
  1. Add another Tick Count (ms) function outside the remaining structure.

  2. Move the structure over the Tick Count (ms) function. The shadow on the function indicates that the function is on top of the structure but is not inside it.
  3. Select the Case structure and delete it. Notice that you did not delete the function because it was not inside the structure.


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