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Complete the following steps to resize a structure on the block diagram.

  1. Move the Positioning tool over the structure border. Resizing handles appear at the corners of the structure and in the middle of each structure border.
  2. Move the cursor over a resizing handle to change the cursor to the resizing cursor.
  3. Use the resizing cursor to drag the resizing handles. When you resize a structure by dragging the resizing handles, the structure grows or shrinks in real time.
Note  By default, you cannot resize a structure smaller than the objects inside it. To disable this behavior for a structure, right-click the structure border and select Auto Grow from the shortcut menu to remove the checkmark. If you drag an object inside a structure that is smaller than the object, the structure resizes to enclose the object after you place the object on the block diagram.
  1. Release the mouse button.
Note  If the alignment grid is enabled, you can resize a structure only in units the size of the grid.

When resizing a single frame in a Flat Sequence structure using the resizing handle on a shared edge of two frames, make sure you are resizing the correct frame by noting which frame displays resizing handles. To shrink a frame using the resizing handle on the left edge of a frame, drag the handle to the right. To grow a frame using the same resizing handle, drag the handle to the left. When you shrink or grow a frame, the other frames in the Flat Sequence structure remain their current size and move to adjust to the resized frame.


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