Uninstalling LabVIEW-Built Installers

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Edition Date: March 2018
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You can use the command line window to uninstall a LabVIEW-built installer and the files it installs. Complete the following steps to uninstall a LabVIEW-built installer.

  1. Open the command line window and change to the directory containing the NIUninstaller, or the uninst.exe file. The uninst.exe file is in the C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\NIUninstaller directory (Windows 64-bit) C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\NIUninstaller.
  2. Enter the following command to uninstall the installer.

    uninst.exe /qb /x "product name"

    where product name is the name of the product you want to uninstall.
Note Note  product name is case insensitive. Use the product name that appears in the Programs applet in the Control Panel to ensure the correct name. Also, enclose a product name that contains spaces in quotation marks.

You can also uninstall a LabVIEW-built installer using the Programs applet in the Control Panel. Uninstalling the installer using the Programs applet does not remove NI components that were installed with the installer. You must uninstall the NI components separately.


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