Verifying That a For Loop Can Run with Parallel Iterations

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Not all For Loops can run with parallel iterations. After you enable parallel iterations on a For Loop, complete the following steps to verify that a For Loop can run with parallel iterations.

  1. Ensure that the environment settings are configured to display warnings.
  2. Select View»Error List to open the Error List window.
  3. Review the errors and warnings section. The For Loop can run with parallel iterations if none of the following errors or warnings appear:
  4. If enabling parallel iterations results in an error or warning, disable parallel iterations or modify the code. Refer to the following support document at to learn more about when to use parallel iterations.

Refer to the Parallel For Loop Iteration Order VI in the labview\examples\Structures\Parallel For Loop directory for an example of a For Loop with parallel iterations that causes a warning.

Note  If you have multiple VIs, such as a project or a VI containing a subVI, use the Find Parallelizable Loops Results window to find For Loops that can run with parallel iterations.


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