Application Instance Close? Event

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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Class: Application Events

Type: Filter

When registered for in a VI running inside a LabVIEW project, this event is generated when the application instance of the project is closed interactively, such as when you close the Project Explorer window or when you select File»Close All or File»Quit. When registered for in a VI running outside a project, this event is generated only when you exit LabVIEW through the user interface.

Event Data Fields

SourceSource of the event. LabVIEW UI refers to any built-in user interface event.

TypeType of event that occurred, such as Mouse Down, Value Change, Timeout, and so on.
TimeValue of the millisecond timer when the event occurred.
AppRefReference to the application on which this event occurred.
SilentShutdownAllows you to prompt users with a Quitting will abort all running VIs. dialog box. Users then can save any modified VIs before exiting LabVIEW. If you do not need a silent shutdown, leave SilentShutdown unwired because wiring a FALSE value overrides other VIs that have previously handled this event and sets this value to TRUE.
Discard?Allows you to prevent LabVIEW from processing the event, bypassing the behavior normally triggered by that event. The default is FALSE.


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