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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Generic»GObject»Scale. View the class hierarchy.

High ColorColor for values greater than last array element. Details
Interpolate ColorInterpolates between array colors. Details
Loose FitIf TRUE, LabVIEW rounds the end markers to a multiple of the increment used for the scale. Details
Low ColorColor for values less than first array element. Details
Marker Values[]Array of (value, color) cluster pairs which specify the marker locations and colors. Details
Name LabelReference to the scale name label. Details
Offset and MultiplierCluster of offset(Xo) and multiplier(deltaX) for scaling values using (deltaX)*X + Xo. Details
Offset and Multiplier:MultiplierMultiplier, or interval, for scaling data using (deltaX)*X + Xo. Details
Offset and Multiplier:OffsetOffset, or initial value, for scaling data using (deltaX)*X + Xo. Details
Ramp VisibleShows color ramp. Details
Scale FitFits the scale to data. Details
Unit LabelReference to the unit label of a front panel control. You can use this reference with the Text properties. Details


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