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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Generic»GObject. View the class hierarchy.

All Objects[]Array of references to all the objects (controls and decorations) on the front panel. Details
Controls[]Array of references to the controls and indicators on the front panel. The array contains the references in tabbing order. Details
Decorations[]Array of references to the decorations on the front panel. Details
Defer Panel UpdatesWhen you set this property to TRUE, LabVIEW redraws any front panel objects with pending changes then defers all new requests for front panel updates. For example, controls and indicators do not redraw when you change their properties or values. If the operating system requests a redraw, such as if the window is no longer behind another window, LabVIEW redraws the front panel with the current properties instead of the original properties. If FALSE, LabVIEW immediately redraws the changed elements of the front panel. Details
Panes[]Returns an array of references to each pane in the pane hierarchy on the panel. You can use this property with the Front Panel property to obtain a reference to a pane in another VI. Details
Selection List[]Array of references to the selected objects on the front panel. Details
Splitters[]Returns an array of references to each splitter bar in the splitter hierarchy on the panel. Details


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