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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: Base Development System

Inherits from Scene. View the class hierarchy.

Apply ModeReads or writes how LabVIEW applies the texture to the 3D object. Details
Blend ColorReads or writes the RGBA color used to blend the texture you apply to the object. Use this property when the Apply Mode property is set to With Blending. Details
Filter ModeReads or writes the method used to filter the texel colors applied to the geometry. Different values affect the quality and speed of the texture mapping. Details
Horizontal Wrap ModeRead or writes how the texture is wrapped horizontally around a 3D object. Details
ImageReads or writes the image data for a texture you apply to an object in a 3D scene. Details
TransformationReads or writes the transformation you apply to the texture. The transformation must be a 4x4 2D array of single precision numbers that represents the transformation matrix you want to apply to the texture. Details
Vertical Wrap ModeRead or writes how the texture is vertically wrapped around a 3D object. Details


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