Menu Selection (User) Event

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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: Base Development System

Class: VI Events

Type: Notify

Generated when the user selects a user-defined item from the LabVIEW menu. Use the Menu Selection (App) event to generate an event when the user selects an application menu item.

Event Data Fields

SourceSource of the event. LabVIEW UI refers to any built-in user interface event.

TypeType of event that occurred, such as Mouse Down, Value Change, Timeout, and so on.
TimeValue of the millisecond timer when the event occurred.
VIRefReference to the VI on which this event occurred.
MenuRefReference to the LabVIEW menu from which an item was selected.
ItemTagName of the LabVIEW menu item the user selected, such as APP_MY_HELP.
ItemPathPath of the LabVIEW menu item the user selected, such as APP_HELP:MY_HELP.


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