User Interaction:Place Object On Cursor Method

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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Short Name: UI.PlaceObjectOnCursor

Requires: VI Scripting

Class: Application Methods

To Use: Create a method.

Places an object on the cursor so the object is ready to add to the front panel window or the block diagram window. You can specify the object using either style or path.

This method enables you to access objects that do not exist on the Controls or Functions palette. You can use the User Interaction:Place Palette Object on Cursor method to access palette objects by name.


Data typeNameRequiredDescription
styleNoSpecifies the palette object to place on the cursor. This parameter is the same as the style input in the New VI Object function.
pathNoSpecifies the location on disk of the VI or control to place on the cursor. If you wire anything non-zero to the style input, path is ignored.
mergeVINoIf TRUE, directs LabVIEW to place the contents of the VI, rather than the VI itself, on the cursor. If the VI contains more than one block diagram object, LabVIEW places the VI on the cursor instead of its contents. You must specify a path to a VI in path.


The following table lists the characteristics of this method.

Data typeNo return value
Available in Run-Time EngineNo
Available in Real-Time Operating SystemYes
Remote access allowedNo


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