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Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 371361R-01
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Requires: VI Scripting

Inherits from Node»GrowableFunction»ObjectFunction. View the class hierarchy.

All Supported PropertiesLists all properties supported for the current class. Details
Flags:Has Ignore Errors Inside NodeReturns TRUE if Ignore Errors inside Node is set for the Property Node. You can set a Property Node to ignore errors by right-clicking the Property Node and selecting Ignore Errors inside Node from the shortcut menu or by setting the Ignore Error Inside Node property. Details
Ignore Errors Inside Node?Sets or gets the option to ignore individual property errors. Details
Linked ControlReturns a reference to a front panel control if the property node links to the control. Details
Properties[]Gets information about the properties selected in this node. Details
Property CountSets or gets the number of properties in the property node. Details
Property Items[]Returns references to individual items of the property node. Details
Property Node Class NameSets or gets the class name for the property node. Details


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