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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: VI Scripting

Inherits from Node. View the class hierarchy.

AutoSize To Fit Contents?Sets or returns whether the structure automatically resizes to fit its contents. Details
Content RectReturns the size of the visible portion of the subdiagram of a structure. Details
Diagrams[]Returns all subdiagrams of the structure. Details
Fix ContentsExcludes the contents of the structure when you clean up the block diagram if you set this property to TRUE; otherwise, includes the contents of the structure in the clean up operation. Details
Frame SizeGets or sets the height and width of the structure. Details
Shared Clones:Automatic Allocation Strategy EnabledIndicates whether LabVIEW uses the Automatic allocation option for reentrant VIs within the structure. Details
Shared Clones:Pre-AllocateIndicates whether LabVIEW uses the Preallocate allocation option for reentrant VIs within the structure. Details
Subdiagram Label VisibleSets the visibility of the subdiagram label. Details
Tunnels[]Returns an array of references to the tunnels of the loop. Details


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