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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: VI Scripting

Inherits from Node. View the class hierarchy.

Bad SubVI LinkageReturns whether the referenced subVI needs to be relinked due to connector pane changes. LabVIEW enables the Relink to SubVI shortcut menu option when this property is TRUE. Details
Grow TermsSets or returns the grow terms. Details
Skip Subroutine Call If BusySkips the call if the subroutine is currently running in another thread. Details
SubVI Setup:Close Front Panel After CallIndicates whether to close the front panel after the subVI runs. Details
SubVI Setup:Open Front Panel When LoadedIndicates whether to show the front panel when the subVI is loaded. Details
SubVI Setup:Show Front Panel When CalledIndicates whether to show the front panel when the subVI is called. Details
SubVI Setup:Suspend When CalledIndicates whether LabVIEW suspends the execution of the VI when calling it as a subVI. Details
Terminals Visible?Indicates whether the terminals of the subVI are visible. Details
VI NameName of the subVI file. Details
VI PathPath to the subVI file. Details
VI ReferenceReturns a reference to the VI. Details
View As IconIf TRUE, the subVI appears as an icon. If FALSE, the subVI appears as an expandable node. Details


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