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Edition Date: March 2018
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Requires: VI Scripting

Inherits from AbstractDiagram»Diagram. View the class hierarchy.

Align SelectionAligns selected objects. Details
Clear SelectionClears the selection list. Details
Copy SelectionCopies selected objects into the clipboard. Details
Cut SelectionDeletes selected objects. Details
Distribute SelectionDistributes selected objects. Details
Enclose Selection 2Encloses the selected items on the block diagram in a structure. When you use this property to drop a loop, LabVIEW creates tunnels with as few broken wires as possible and creates shift register pairs if appropriate. Details
Make SelectionSelects the block diagram objects you specify and deselects all other block diagram objects. Details
Make Selection From RectAllows the user to select all objects in a given area of the block diagram. Details
Move Selected ObjectsMoves the selected objects within this TopLevelDiagram by the number of pixels specified in X/Y Delta. This method simulates a mouse drag, and it has the same side effects associated with mouse-dragging in the development environment, including resizing an owner to contain the dragged objects, altering the selection list to include objects duplicated by the drag, and forcing a duplicate-drag when moving objects to another block diagram. Details
Move Selection BackwardMoves the selected object(s) one step back in the z-plane order. Details
Move Selection ForwardMoves the selected object(s) one step forward in the z-plane order. Details
Move Selection To BackMoves the selected objects to the back of the z-plane order. Details
Move Selection To FrontMoves the selected objects to the front of the z-plane order. Details
RemoveFromSelectionRemoves a selected set of objects from the selection list. Details


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