Component-Level IP Page (FPGA Target Properties Dialog Box)

LabVIEW 2017 FPGA Module Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 371599N-01

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Requires: FPGA Module

Right-click an FPGA target in the Project Explorer window and select Properties from the shortcut menu to display the FPGA Target Properties dialog box. Select Component-Level IP from the Category list to display this page.

Use this page to create and/or modify component-level IP (CLIP) declaration XML files using the Configure Component-Level IP wizard. You also can add, remove, or rescan declaration XML files on this page.

This page contains the following components:

  • Declaration Names—Lists the name of declaration XML files you added.
  • Component-Level IP File Path—Lists the path to the declaration XML files you added.
  • Create File—Launches the Configure Component-Level IP wizard to generate a new CLIP interface.
  • Modify File—Launches the Configure Component-Level IP wizard to modify an existing CLIP interface. Select a declaration file from the table and click this button to modify it.
  • Add File—Displays the Select a Component-Level IP Declaration File dialog box, which you use to select a declaration XML file. You also can drag a file from the file system to the Component-Level IP Path field to add the file.
  • Remove File—Removes the declaration XML file you select.
  • Rescan All Files—Reloads all declaration XML files listed in the table. Use the Rescan button if you modify a declaration XML file on disk after you add the file to the target.


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