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Edition Date: October 2018

Part Number: 371602T-01

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Creates a specified A2L database by a name in memory for using the ECU M&C Toolkit functions without access to a valid ASAM A2L file.


mcTypeStatus mcDatabaseOpenEx(
cstr DatabaseName,
mcTypeTaskRef *DBRefNum);



DatabaseName is a database name associated with the database created in memory. Use the string syntax :<myname>: for the A2L database if using multiple databases in memory. (For example, if using two databases in memory, use :MyDatabase1: as the DatabaseName for the first database and :MyDatabase2: for the second DatabaseName created in memory.)


DBRefNum is the task reference from the initial database task function. The database task reference is originally returned from mcDatabaseOpen.


Return Value

The return value indicates the status of the function call as a signed 32-bit integer. Zero means the function executed successfully. A negative value specifies an error, which means the function did not perform the expected behavior. A positive value specifies a warning, which means the function performed as expected, but a condition arose that may require attention.

Use the mcStatusToString function of the ECU M&C API to obtain a descriptive string for the return value.


mcDatabaseOpenEx does not start communication. Use it to create all needed objects in memory. After creating an A2L database in memory, you typically create an ECU object using mcECUCreate, a scaling object using mcConversionCreate, a measurement object using mcMeasurementCreate, and an event using mcEventCreate.

Note Note  mcDatabaseOpenEx does not support creating objects to access characteristics. To access a characteristic, assign a valid A2L database file with defined characteristics.


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