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Configuration (.scf) File Migration Dialog Box

LabVIEW 2013 Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371618J-01

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Requires: DSC Module

Select Tools»DSC Module»Migrate»Configuration (.scf) to display this dialog box. You must first specify a .scf file in the SCF file to convert file path of the SCF Migration dialog box. When you first launch the Configuration (.scf) File Migration dialog box, the SCF Migration dialog box appears. You also can select File»Open to select an .scf file.

Use the Configuration (.scf) File Migration dialog box to convert .scf settings for use in the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module 8.0. This dialog box contains the following components:

  • Current SCF file—Specifies the current selected .scf file that you want to convert.
  • Process name—Specifies the process name of the .scf file that you want to convert.
  • Number of tags—Specifies the number of tags in the .scf file to covert to shared variables.
  • Tag List—Displays each tag access rights and the I/O source information.
  • Convert security setting—Specifies whether you want to include or exclude the security settings when migrating the .scf file.
  • Security domain to use for configuring security settings—Specifies the security domain you want to use to migrate the security settings contain in the .scf file.
  • Status—Indicates the progress of the migration process.
  • Convert—Click this button to convert the current select .scf file.


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