Front Panel Security Dialog Box

LabVIEW 2013 Datalogging and Supervisory Control Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371618J-01

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Requires: DSC Module

Select Tools»Security»Front Panel Security to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to configure security for multiple controls or indicators at one time or to copy security settings from one control or indicator to another.

This dialog box contains the following components:

  • Controls & Indicators—Lists all front panel controls and indicators and displays the security status of each object.
  • Show—Specifies whether to list all controls and indicators, all controls, or all indicators in the Controls & Indicators list.
  • Security—Specifies the security configuration for particular users or groups.
    • Access Control List (ACL)—Displays the access rights granted to specific users and groups. If a user and a group that the user is a member of both appear in the list, LabVIEW uses the setting granting the greatest level of access.
      Tip  An empty user and group list indicates all users have access rights.
    • Add—Launches the Add New Host/User dialog box, in which you can select a domain, host, user, and group. You define the domain, host, user, and group in the Domain Account Manager.
    • Remove—Removes the currently selected user or group from the Access Control List.
    • Access—Specifies the access rights of the user or group selected in the Access Control List.
      • Full Access—The selected user or group can view and interact with the front panel object.
      • Disabled (View Only)—The selected user or group is able to see the front panel object but cannot interact with it.
      • Disabled & Grayed Out—The front panel object is grayed out and the user or group cannot interact with it.
      • No Access (Hidden)—The front panel object does not appear.
  • Copy ACL Value—Copies the security setting of the selected front panel object. You can copy ACL values between VIs. To copy a value between VIs, click the Copy ACL Value button, close the Front Panel Security dialog box, open another VI, open the Front Panel Security dialog box, select a front panel object, and click the Paste Value button.
  • Paste ACL Value—Applies the copied ACL value to the selected front panel object.
Note  You cannot configure security for ActiveX controls, ActiveX containers, .NET controls, or .NET containers.


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