OPC UA Common Operation Level Status Codes

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 371618J-01

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The following table contains descriptions of the codes returned by the status terminal.

Status Code Description
Good 0 Good.
Bad_AttributeIdInvalid 2150957056 This specific node does not support this attribute.
Bad_BrowseDirectionInvalid 2152529920 The browse direction is not valid.
Bad_BrowseNameInvalid 2153775104 The browse name is invalid.
Bad_ContentFilterInvalid 2152202240 The content filter is not valid.
Bad_ContinuationPointInvalid 2152333312 The provided continuation point is no longer valid.
Bad_DataEncodingInvalid 2151153664 The data encoding is invalid.
Bad_DataEncodingUnsupported 2151219200 The OPC UA server does not support the requested data encoding for the node.
Bad_EventFilterInvalid 2152136704 The event filter is not valid.
Bad_FilterNotAllowed 2152005632 Unable to use a monitoring filter in combination with the attribute that you specify.
Bad_FilterOperandInvalid 2152267776 The operand used in a content filter is not valid.
Bad_HistoryOperationInvalid 2154889216 The history details parameter is not valid.
Bad_HistoryOperationUnsupported 2154954752 The OPC UA server does not support the requested operation.
Bad_IndexRangeInvalid 2151022592 The syntax of the index range parameter is invalid.
Bad_IndexRangeNoData 2151088128 No data exists within the range of the indexes you specify.
Bad_MonitoredItemFilterInvalid 2151874560 The monitored item filter parameter is not valid.
Bad_MonitoredItemFilterUnsupported 2151940096 The OPC UA server does not support the monitored item filter.
Bad_MonitoredItemIdInvalid 2151809024 The monitoring item ID does not refer to a valid monitored item.
Bad_MonitoringModeInvalid 2151743488 The monitoring mode is invalid.
Bad_NoCommunication 2150694912 Unable to establish communication with the data source and no last known value is available. This status/sub-status is used for cached values before receiving the first value.
Bad_NoContinuationPoints 2152398848 Unable to process the operation because no continuation point is available.
Bad_NodeClassInvalid 2153709568 The node class is not valid.
Bad_NodeIdInvalid 2150825984 The syntax of the node ID is not valid.
Bad_NodeIdUnknown 2150891520 The node ID refers to a node that does not exist in the OPC UA server address space.
Bad_NoDeleteRights 2154364928 The OPC UA server does not allow deleting the node.
Bad_NodeNotInView 2152595456 The node to browse is not part of the view.
Bad_NotFound 2151546880 Unable to find an item that you requested or a search operation ended without success.
Bad_NotImplemented 2151677952 Unable to implement this operation.
Bad_NotReadable 2151284736 The access level does not allow reading or subscribing to the node.
Bad_NotSupported 2151481344 The requested operation is not supported.
Bad_NotWritable 2151350272 The access level does not allow writing to the node.
Bad_ObjectDeleted 2151612416 Unable to use the object because you have deleted the object.
Bad_OutOfRange 2151415808 The value is out of range.
Bad_ReferenceTypeIdInvalid 2152464384 The reference type ID does not refer to a valid reference type node.
Bad_SourceNodeIdInvalid 2154037248 The source node ID does not refer to a valid node.
Bad_StructureMissing 2152071168 A parameter of the mandatory structure is missing or null.
Bad_TargetNodeIdInvalid 2154102784 The target node ID does not refer to a valid node.
Bad_TypeDefinitionInvalid 2153971712 The type definition node ID does not reference an appropriate type node.
Bad_TypeMismatch 2155085824 The value for the attribute does not match the type of attribute value.
Bad_WaitingForInitialData 2150760448 Wait for the OPC UA server to obtain values from the underlying data source. After creating a monitored item, it may take some time for the OPC UA server to actually obtain values for these items. In such cases the server can optionally send a notification with this status prior to the notification with the first valid value.
Uncertain_EngineeringUnitsExceeded 1083441152 The value is outside the range of values defined for this parameter.
Uncertain_InitialValue 1083310080 The value of this variable is an initial value. The OPC UA server or OPC UA client has not updated this variable.
Uncertain_LastUsableValue 1083179008 The value of the node is the last value that the OPC UA server or OPC UA client writes to the node. This node is no longer able to update to the value that the OPC UA server or OPC UA client writes.
Uncertain_SensorNotAccurate 1083375616 The value is at one of the sensor limits.


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