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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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The <Requirements Gateway>\config\types directory contains the read-only files that Requirements Gateway uses to define the built-in types. The subdirectories of the types directory correspond to the folders of types that appear in the Types List on the Types pane of the Configuration dialog box and contain .types files, each of which has the following layout:




… (type1 definition)


… (type2 definition)

When you duplicate a built-in type or create a new custom type, Requirements Gateway saves the type in a .types file, with the same filename as the name of the project file, in the same directory as the current project.

When modifying or customizing types, you can also edit the type files using a text editor that supports UTF-8. You can edit types only if the .types file is not read-only and if you save it in a writeable directory.

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