Unsupported Blocks (Control Design and Simulation Module)

LabVIEW 2012 Control Design and Simulation Module Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 371894G-01

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The Simulation Model Converter dialog box cannot convert the following blocks used in The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® application software. In these cases, the Simulation Model Converter creates a placeholder simulation subsystem in LabVIEW. You must create a simulation subsystem using a LabVIEW VI to accomplish the same functionality as the block to replace this placeholder simulation subsystem in LabVIEW. In the Simulation Model Converter dialog box, place a checkmark in the Show Errors checkbox to display information about any warnings or errors the Simulation Model Converter encountered during the conversion.

Note  With the exception of the list below and all blocks in the Additional Math and Discrete Library, the Simulation Model Converter supports all blocks in the Simulink® application software Base package.
  • Action Port
  • Assertion
  • Band-Limited White Noise
  • Block Support Table
  • Bus Assignment
  • Bus to Vector
  • Check Discrete Gradient
  • Check Dynamic Gap
  • Check Dynamic Lower Bound
  • Check Dynamic Range
  • Check Dynamic Upper Bound
  • Check Input Resolution
  • Check Static Gap
  • Check Static Lower Bound
  • Check Static Range
  • Check Static Upper Bound
  • Configurable Subsystem
  • Data Type Conversion Inherited
  • Data Type Duplicate
  • Data Type Propagation
  • Data Type Scaling Strip
  • DocBlock
  • Embedded MATLAB Function
  • Environment Controller
  • Extract Bits
  • For Iterator Subsystem
  • From Workspace
  • Function-Call Generator
  • Function-Call Subsystem
  • If
  • If Action Subsystem
  • Interval Test
  • Interval Test Dynamic
  • Level-2 M-File S-Function
  • Lookup Table (n-D)
  • Merge
  • Model
  • Model Info
  • Permute Dimensions
  • Rate Transition
  • S-Function
  • S-Function Builder
  • Shift Arithmetic
  • Signal Builder
  • Signal Conversion
  • Squeeze
  • Switch Case
  • Switch Case Action Subsystem
  • Time-Based Linearization
  • To Workspace
  • Trigger-Based Linearization
  • Variable Time Delay
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • While Iterator Subsystem


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