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Summary (Control Design and Simulation Module)

LabVIEW 2012 Control Design and Simulation Module Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 371894G-01

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This tutorial introduced you to the following concepts:

  • The simulation diagram reflects the dynamic system model you want to simulate. This dynamic system model is a differential or difference equation that represents a dynamic system.
  • The Control & Simulation Loop contains the parameters that define the behavior of the simulation. The Control & Simulation Loop also defines the visual boundary of the simulation diagram. Double-click the Input Node of the Control & Simulation Loop to access configurable parameters. You also can expand the Input Node to access these parameters.
  • The Simulation palette contains the VIs and functions you use to build a simulation. You can double-click most Simulation functions to display a dialog box that configures that function. You also can create input terminals for function inputs.
  • You can create simulation subsystems to modularize, encapsulate, validate, and re-use portions of the simulation diagram.

Where to Go from Here

Refer to the following documentation for more information about the Control Design and Simulation Module and LabVIEW.

Additional Control Design and Simulation Module Resources

The Control Design and Simulation Module ships with many example VIs that demonstrate the capabilities of the product. Select Help»Find Examples to display the NI Example Finder and browse these examples.

Additional LabVIEW Resources

  • The Getting Started with LabVIEW manual contains an in-depth introduction to LabVIEW, including several tutorials that showcase LabVIEW features.
  • The Fundamentals book of the LabVIEW Help provides information about LabVIEW programming concepts, techniques, features, VIs, and functions you can use to create many types of applications.

Refer to the National Instruments website for additional developer resources, training, technical support, and so on.

12. Performing Analysis on a Linearized Subsystem
Tutorial: Getting Started with Simulation


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