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PXI Express Modules

NI RF Vector Signal Analyzers (NI-RFSA 16.0) Help

Edition Date: August 2016

Part Number: 372058R-01

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The PXI Express Specification integrates PCI Express signaling into the PXI standard, which increases backplane bandwidth and enhances PXI timing and synchronization features by incorporating a 100 MHz differential reference clock and differential triggers. The PXI Express specification adds these features to PXI while maintaining backward compatibility.

Chassis Guidelines

PXI Express devices can be installed in the following PXI Express chassis slots:

  • PXI hybrid slots—Accepts either PXI modules that are hybrid slot-compatible or PXI Express modules
  • PXI Express slots—Accepts PXI Express modules
Note Note  Refer to the getting started guide for your device and your chassis documentation for more information about installing and configuring PXI Express modules.


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