Simulating an NI-RFSA Device

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Edition Date: June 2018

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Simulate an NI-RFSA device using NI-RFSA or Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to develop, modify, and/or test an application without hardware. Using a simulated device to test an application eliminates the risk of hardware damage. Additionally, you can use a simulated NI-RFSA device to evaluate an NI product for which you do not have hardware.

Note Note  PXI-5600 RF signal downconverters cannot be simulated by MAX or NI-RFSA. PXIe-5624 IF digitizers cannot be simulated by MAX, and can be simulated by NI-RFSA only as components of PXIe-5668 vector signal analyzers. Simulation is supported for all other devices.


Complete the following steps to create and configure a simulated NI-RFSA device in MAX.

  1. Launch MAX.
  2. Select Devices and Interfaces in the MAX configuration tree, and click Create New in the MAX toolbar. The Create New dialog box opens.
  3. Select Simulated NI-DAQmx Device or Modular Instrument, and click Finish. The Create Simulated NI-DAQmx Device dialog box opens.
  4. Expand RF Devices, and select the NI-RFSA device to simulate.
Note Note   There is no option to simulate a vector signal analyzer. If you want to simulate a vector signal analyzer, you must simulate the individual devices that comprise the vector signal analyzer.
  1. Click OK. The NI-RFSA device appears in the MAX configuration tree with a yellow icon to indicate that it is a simulated device.


Complete the following steps to create and configure a simulated NI-RFSA device using NI-RFSA.

  1. Call Initialize With Options.
  2. Set the option string parameter. The option string parameter is composed of the Simulate and Driver Setup keywords, as illustrated in the following example:

    Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:<model number>;LOBoardType:<type>


When simulating a PXIe-5668, you can use either of the following option string parameters:

Simulate=1, DriverSetup=Model:5668R

Simulate=1, DriverSetup=Model:5606; Digitizer:5624R; LO:5653

To set multiple properties, separate their assignments with a comma.

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