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Edition Date: June 2018

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NI-RFSA 18.1 Help
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ViStatus niRFSA_resetDevice(ViSession vi);


Performs a hard reset on the device. A hard reset consists of the following actions:

  • Signal acquisition is stopped.
  • All routes are released.
  • External bidirectional terminals are tristated.
  • FPGAs are reset.
  • Hardware is configured to its default state.
  • All session attributes are reset to their default states.

During a device reset, routes of signals between this and other devices are released, regardless of which device created the route. For example, a trigger signal exported to a PXI trigger line that is used by another device is no longer exported.

On the PXI-5600, if you are driving the PXI_CLK10 line, you continue to drive the clock even after a device reset. To stop driving the PXI_CLK10 line, use the niRFSA_ConfigurePXIChassisClk10 function and set the pxiClk10Source parameter to NIRFSA_VAL_NONE_STR or set the NIRFSA_ATTR_PXI_CHASSIS_CLK10_SOURCE attribute to NIRFSA_VAL_NONE_STR.

Supported Devices: PXI-5600, PXIe-5601/5603/5605/5606 (external digitizer mode), PXI-5661, PXIe-5663/5663E/5665/5667/5668, PXIe-5693/5694/5698

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Name Type Description
vi ViSession Identifies your instrument session. vi is obtained from the niRFSA_init or niRFSA_InitWithOptions function.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status ViStatus Returns the status code of this operation. The status code either indicates success or describes an error or warning condition. Examine the status code from each call to an NI-RFSA function to determine if an error has occurred.

To obtain a text description of the status code and additional information about the error condition, call the niRFSA_GetError function. To clear the error information from NI-RFSA, call the niRFSA_ClearError function.

The general meaning of the status code is as follows:

Value Meaning
0 Success
Positive Values Warnings
Negative Values Errors


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