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Place and Select Modes

Ultiboard Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 372065N-01

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Ultiboard assumes that placing shapes, parts, or traces on a board are actions you are likely to repeat. As a result, when you place items on the board, you remain in place mode (the cursor has a small icon attached, indicating what is being placed) so that you can continue to place the same type of item repeatedly.

After placing a shape, part, or trace on a board, the pointer continues to carry the icon, and is ready to place another object like the one you just placed. You must cancel this mode and return to select mode in order to perform other functions.

Complete the following to cancel the place mode and return to select mode:

  1. Right-click.
  2. Or

    Press <Esc>.


    Choose Place┬╗Select.


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