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Selecting and Unselecting Elements

Ultiboard Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 372065N-01

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You can select and unselect single and multiple elements in a design such as parts, holes, and traces.

To select a single element on a board, click the element. A dotted line around the element, or running through the trace, indicates that it has been selected.

Complete the following to select multiple elements on a board:

Hold down <Shift> while clicking the elements that you want to select.


Click and drag to draw a box around the elements you wish to select. When you release the mouse button, the elements that were inside the box are selected.

To select all elements on a board, choose Edit»Select all or press <Ctrl-A>.

Complete the following steps to select an entire trace, not just a trace segment:

  1. Select a segment belonging to the trace you want to select.
  2. Choose Edit»Select entire trace. The entire trace is then selected.

To unselect one element, select another element or click outside of the board outline.

To unselect one element in a group of selected elements, hold down <Ctrl> and click the element to be unselected.

Using Selection Filters

As you add more parts and traces to a board, it can become more difficult to select only those which you want to use. Ultiboard includes selection filters for controlled selections. The selection filters are found in Edit»Selection filter and the Select toolbar. By default, all the selection filters are on, that is, you can select any element.

Use the filters to select or not select specific elements by toggling the choices on and off. For example, to select only traces, disable the other selection filters and enable only the traces one.

As you work through your design, you will find different combinations of selection filters helpful to prevent accidentally selecting (and potentially modifying) elements.


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