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Test Points

Ultiboard Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 372065N-01

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Default test point pin settings are defined in the PCB design tab of the Global Options dialog box. The default pad settings are based on the settings defined in the Pads/Vias tab of the PCB Properties dialog box. They can be manually set to use the annular ring specification or pad diameter settings by setting the properties of the pad once the test point has been placed on the design.

Complete the following steps to place a test point:

  1. Be sure a copper layer is selected.
  2. Choose Place┬╗Test point.
  3. Move the cursor over the design. The cursor now has a test point attached.
  4. Click to drop the test point on the design.
  5.   Test points can be moved, oriented, and aligned like parts.


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