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Autoroute Menu

Ultiboard Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 372065N-01

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The following table describes the commands found in the Autoroute menu.

Start/resume autorouter
Starts or resumes the autorouter.
Stop/pause autorouter
Stops or pauses the autorouter.
Autoplace parts
Autoplaces parts on your PCB.
Autoplace selected parts
Places parts that you have selected on the workspace.
Autoroute selected parts
Routes all nets for the selected parts.
Autoroute selected nets
Routes nets that you have selected on the workspace.
This is only active when an unconnected pad corresponding to that net is selected.
Autoroute specified buses
Autoroutes selected buses.
Optimize routing
Optimizes the placement of traces.
Autoroute/place options
Sets up router and placer functions.


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