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Ultiboard Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 372065N-01

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The following table describes the commands found in the View menu.

Full screen
Use to fill the screen with the design only (hides menus, toolbars, other windows). Click the Close Full Screen button to return to normal view.
Redraw screen
Refreshes the screen.
Zoom in
Zooms in to see more details.
Zoom out
Zooms out to see more of the design.
Zoom area
Zooms in on a selected area of the workspace—hold down the mouse button and drag to select an area.
Zoom full
Returns to the full view of the design after zooming in or out. <Ctrl-F7> zooms out so that the entire design is visible and centered. This includes the board outline and any objects that may be either inside or outside the board. <F7> zooms out so that the board is visible and centered. Any objects outside the board outline will be outside the visible region.
Copper areas
Toggles the display of copper areas on and off.
Toggles the clearances around pads, traces and other objects on and off.
Toggles the visual grid on and off.
Ruler bars
Toggles the ruler bars on and off.
Status bar
Toggles the status bar on and off.
Density bars
Toggles the density bars on and off.
Birds Eye
Toggles the Birds Eye View on and off.
Design Toolbox
Toggles the Design Toolbox on and off.
Spreadsheet View
Toggles the Spreadsheet View on and off.
3D Preview
Toggles the 3D Preview pane on and off.
Toggles the Standard toolbar on and off.
Toggles the View toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Main toolbar on and off.
Toolbars»Draw settings
Toggles the Draw Settings toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Edit toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Align toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Place toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Select toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Wizard toolbar on and off.
Toggles the Autoroute toolbar on and off.


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