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Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit Help

Edition Date: November 2018

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First, you must open a diagnostic communication link. This involves initializing the CAN/LIN port and defining communication parameters such as the baud rate. For CAN-based diagnostics, the CAN identifiers on which the diagnostic communication takes place must be defined also. No actual communication to the ECU takes place at this stage.

For the VW TP 2.0, you then must establish a communication channel to the ECU using the VWTP Connect routine. The communication channel properties are negotiated between the host and ECU.

After these steps, the diagnostic communication is established, and you can execute diagnostic services of your choice. Note that for the VW TP 2.0, you must execute the VWTP ConnectionTest routine periodically (once per second) to keep the communication channel open.

When you finish your diagnostic services, you must close the diagnostic communication link. This finally closes the CAN or LIN port. For the VW TP 2.0, you should disconnect the communication channel established before closing.


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