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Automotive Diagnostic Command Set Toolkit Help

Edition Date: November 2018

Part Number: 372140J-01

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Sends a UDP request to all DoIP-capable vehicles with a certain VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on the specified broadcast address to identify themselves.


long ndDoIPSendVehicleIdentReqVINEx(
       TD1 *diagRef,
       char broadcastAddress[],
       char VIN[]);



Specifies the handle for the diagnostic session, obtained from ndOpenDiagnosticOnIPVersion and passed to subsequent diagnostic functions. Normally, it is not necessary to manually manipulate the elements of this struct.


Defines the broadcast IP address to which the request is sent. Usually, this is, meaning a broadcast to the local subnet on the default Network Interface Controller. It can, however, be overridden to specify a different broadcast address, for example on a different Network Interface Controller.


The 17-character Vehicle Identification Number of the DoIP entity that is assumed to respond (zero-terminated string).


Return Value

The return value indicates the function call status as a signed 32-bit integer. Zero means the function executed successfully. A negative value specifies an error, which means the function did not perform the expected behavior. A positive value specifies a warning, which means the function performed as expected, but a condition arose that may require attention.

Use the ndStatusToString function to obtain a descriptive string for the return value.


ndDoIPSendVehicleIdentReqVINEx sends a Vehicle Identification Request to all DoIP entities on the specified broadcast address identified by the given VIN.

Usually, this is done as part of ndDoIPGetEntities and does not need to be executed separately.


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